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With the popularity and craze of Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, the demand for fun & innovative iOS games, thus iOS game development, has been steadily growing every year. Despite tough competition from Android, iOS games have managed to make a significant mark in the game development industry. This is validated by the fact that games are the most downloaded apps on the Apple App store on both iPhone and iPad. 33% of all apps downloads on the iPhone are games whereas on iPad the number surges to 48%.

In the past few years, the demand for iOS devices has increased rapidly and hence the iOS games and iOS game developer have become more so important. Appealing and addictive iOS games can be a big hit if they are launched without any bugs. Also, the monetization of a game decides whether it is a hit or failure. It has been observed that the free to play games with in-app purchases are in more demand than paid games.

At Nerdroot,apart from being leading android game developer , we offer the best iOS game development services across all hardware and screens. We have created a core team of iOS game developers for developing innovative and appealing 2D & 3D games for both iPhone and iPad devices. Our excellent team of developers has built game applications for different genres such as Adventure Games, Action Games, Sports Games, Puzzle Games, Arcade Games, Educational Games, and more.

Scope of iOS Game Designing and Development

Along with Android, the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in use today making it an important platform for gaming. Similar to Android, there is a lot of scope and demand for iOS games in the market. So if you have an idea for the game or looking to invest in iOS game designing and development then read on to learn the benefits you can leverage from the iOS platform.

iOS Game Development and iOS Game Design Company In USA
  • Easy Way to Make Money: Considering the huge demand for iOS games & iOS game developer, game development for iOS devices is a great way to make money. Even if you develop a free to play game on iOS, you can earn money through ads and in-app purchases.
  • Higher ROI: When it's come to iOS game designing and development, the Return on Investments (ROI) will be high. The amount you invest in iOS game development will not be too much and you can consistently earn more money.
  • Brand Recognition: With the iOS game development, you can improve the visibility and recognition of your brand. Once your business achieved a great online presence, there will be a huge demand for your upcoming apps.
  • Long Term Success: With addictive, interesting and error free iOS game development, you can enjoy a competitive edge in the industry that will give you a way towards your success. The creative and innovative iOS game designs help you to get more consumers for your business.

Developing an interactive and appealing iOS game to achieve success is not an easy task. To design a successful app, you need a professional iOS game developer like NerdRoot. At NerdRoot, we have been developing iOS games for client around the globe and have gained expertise in a different category of iOS games. Our team of iOS game developers creates mesmerizing visuals, sound effects and realistic environment that makes our games totally viral and out of the world. With expert iOS game developers, high-quality services and reasonable pricing, NerdRoot became one of the best iOS Game development company in the USA.

Our iOS Game Development Solutions

iOS Game Development

At NerdRoot, we have a team of skilled and experienced iOS game developers who have a deep understanding of the platform, core knowledge on game engines like Unity 3D, Cocos-2dx, Unreal, etc. We provide iOS game development services from concept, development to deployment. We utilize the latest gaming technologies to develop fun and interactive gaming apps for both iPhone and iPad devices.

Game UI Design

Good and interactive UI/ UX design is the hallmark of successful iOS games. We build games with an eye-shooting user interface, stunning animation, and impressive color-combination so that users can enjoy the game with smart functionality. Our experienced designers understand this aesthetic and design graphics-enriched UI for iPhone and iPad game applications.


As an experienced iOS game development company, we design different types of game characters to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Whether it is an adventure game or sports game, we make the perfect character designs based on your gaming app's requirement. We create art assets from cartoonish to realistic and optimize it to run smoothly on various iOS devices.

Single & Multi-player Game Development

We build single, dual, and multi-player iOS games as per the requirements and specifications of the client. By harnessing the power of game development tools, we build gaming applications that run smoothly on any size of devices.

Support & Maintenance

The success of any mobile gaming app depends on its performance and gameplay experience. At NerdRoot, Our iOS game developers provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to provide robust performance, in-app purchases, updates, synchronization with the latest updates on iOS, etc. We also offer post-game launch support services like balancing the gameplay based on the metrics for retention, monetization, data assessment and many more.

Tools We Use For iOS Game Development

We use the latest tools and techniques available in the market to design excellent iOS games. Our team of iOS game developers possesses an extensive understanding of the Apple iOS platform and they utilize tools like MacOSX, Objective C, Open AL, iPhone SDK, Interface Builder, Xcode IDE, OpenGL ES, Core Audio, Core Animation, and WebKit Programming in iOS game development. They are also proficient in exercising the benefits of the latest graphics and animation technologies including proximity sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer.

Our iOS Game Development Process

Just like cross platform mobile game development , building a successful iOS game is not a straightforward job. Each step implemented and tools used in the development process are of paramount importance. Thus, to give your business a competitive edge we strictly follow the best development practices in the industry while creating interactive games.

While developing an iOS game, our iOS game developer always strive for accuracy and quality. We understand the importance of positive reviews and feedback for your iOS games. Hence, we adopt a structured process of iOS app development, which includes the following steps:

  • 1.Understanding Client's Requirements: In this step, we sit with our client to get a better understanding of our client's specifications and requirements. We interpret what kind of game our client wants us to design, what is the ultimate goal of the game, what kind of features should need to be incorporated and the most important thing to identify the target audience for the game.
  • 2.Conceptualization: Once we are clear about the requirements, specifications and target audience, we create a concept following the necessary planning, design, and architecture. The conceptualization step helps us to create a prototype, which will be a replica of the game, our developers going to develop. Once our client approves the blueprint, we proceed to the further step.
  • 3.Prototype: The idea behind a prototype is that it will show us how the gaming app's final interaction is going to be. This is extremely beneficial for testing a gaming app's user-friendliness. Prototyping mainly refers to testing ideas and solutions to your problems in game development.
  • 4.Development and Testing: This stage of iOS game development involves the actual development and coding part. Once our developers complete coding for the game, we do the preliminary testing and report a bug if any and get it resolved at the same time. Our highly enthusiastic team of testers plays these games to find out if there is any error or scope of improvement. At the end of this module, we are ready with 100% accurate iOS game apps.
  • 5.App Maintenance & Support: After the delivery of the iOS games, we regularly communicate with our clients to ensure that everything is working great. We offer full-scale maintenance and support services to ensure the game syncs with the latest updates on iOS.
  • 6.App Launch and Promotion: After integrating with required analytical tools such as the Ad SDKs, the social network SDKs, and the third-party SDKs, we launch the game on the iOS App Store. For better promotion of the game, we can create a website for that particular game and a social media page to ensure it gets a huge fan following.

Why choose NerdRoot for iOS Game Development?

NerdRoot being a leading game development company keeps serving the customer requirements in the most suitable way when it comes to game development, including iOS games, Android games, cross-platform games and so on. With immense technological knowledge, creative bent of mind, and unmatched efficiency, our team can offer you a comprehensive range of services for iOS game development.

  • Our qualified and well-experienced iOS game developers utilize the latest technologies, tools, and strategies in iOS game development.
  • We follow automated processes between hardware and software to deliver reliable and efficient gaming solutions.
  • We have developed several high-quality 2D and 3D games that are featured on the Apple App Store.
  • We use best quality visuals, audio, and animations while developing games for iOS that give perfect gaming experience. We add the thrill of real gaming into the app using open GLEs. Our expert designers design an excellent UI interface using the core animation.
  • NerdRoot designs an app that supports easy portability which means a user can transfer the game from one device to another.
  • We have a team of 2D and 3D animation designers who create an appealing design for every single iOS application

If you were looking for a capable and reliable iOS game development partner for ages, your search ends here. We have the best game developers and all the expertise to deliver your iOS game on time and within budget.

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