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Android Game Development

Are you a business or individual with an idea of the game in mind, and looking to invest in Android game development? It will be definitely a wise move to do so, as the market offers plenty of scope to grow and earn money. As the demand of Android smart phones increases in the market, it leads to increase in demand for new Android games. Unlike iOS, Android games can be launched in many market places and app stores, which open chances to enter various marketplaces, thereby rising your moneymaking paths.

Android Game Development Maker

    To build a successful Android game, we keep the following points in mind:

  • Deciding which art to use either 2D or 3D
  • Keeping the game story short, simple and logically meaningful
  • Developing convincing visual elements, including animations and graphics
  • Use of repulsive background music
  • Keeping UX and UI elements uniform throughout the game

Advantages Of Our Android Game Development Services

  • Minimum Investment: The investment required for developing games for Android platforms is very minimal. You can choose from numerous Android game makers/creators available in the industry.
  • Faster Returns: Android is quite simple platform, which takes a much shorter time to create an Android game. Once the game is launched, you can expect your return on your investment much faster.
  • Higher Revenue: Games designed on the Android platform can be launched in various app store marketplaces to maximize your revenue.
  • Better Promotion and Branding: Many app stores and marketplaces will give you more opportunities to endorse your brand and get it renowned all over the world. The proper marketing and branding leads to greater visibility of your Android game, ensuring the long time run.
  • Reduce Marketing Costs: Creating game using the Android platform, you will be able to advertise your brand on multiple marketplaces and will also reduce on your marketing and promotional costs. You will be connected to your application’s user and customers directly, once they install your Android game on their Android device.

Located in USA, NerdRoot is one of the best game development company that work on different platforms including Android, iOS and others. We offer personalized 2D and 3D game arts and designs that are eye-catching, user-friendly with outstanding user interface designs. Our graphic visualization will be alluring too. At NerdRoot, we have a team of expert Android game developers proficient in transforming your ideas into perfect 2D and 3D games with the latest and most sophisticated technologies and tools. Our team creates interactive, challenging and totally addictive games for users, which give absolutely realistic experience.

Why Choose NerdRoot For Android Game Development?

  • Our Android game development team strives to offer high- quality services.
  • We have a team of expert android game developers who achieve excel in making different styles of android games using the latest Android technologies.
  • Our designers are expert in developing 2D and 3D Android games and are always eager to learn new technologies and tools.
  • We offer 24x7 support for all our customers to stay in touch with them during the entire development process.
  • • We keep trying to make Android games that will meet client expectation and we have track record of meeting the deadlines.

Android Game Development Tools

The Android game development team at NerdRoot is very passionate to learn and adapt new technologies and tools to come up with new game designs that suit the emerging market trends. We specialize in designing the thrill of real gaming using animations, open GLEs, audio and visuals of the highest quality to provide a perfect gaming experience.

Game Genres In Android Games

We have achieved expertise in developing Android games in different genres, including arcade games, quiz games, puzzle games, multiplayer games, single games, dices, sports, racing games, casino games and adventure games.

Our Android Game Development Process

While developing an Android game, we focus on accuracy and quality as we are leading game development company . We understand the importance of positive reviews and feedback for your Android games. Hence, we adopt a structured process of Android app development, which includes the following steps:

  • Understanding Client’s Requirements: In this step, we sit with our client to get a better understanding of our client’s specification and requirements. We interpret what kind of game our client wants us to design, what is the ultimate goal of the game, what kind of features should need to be incorporated and the most important the target audience for the game.
  • Android Game Design And Development process
  • Conceptualization: Once we are clear about the requirements, specifications and target audience, we create a concept following the necessary planning, design and architecture. The conceptualization step helps us to create a prototype, which will be a replica of the game, our developers going to develop. Once our client approves the blueprint, we proceed to the further step.
  • Development and Testing: This stage of Android game development involves the actual development and coding part. Once our developers completed coding for the game, we do the preliminary testing and report a bug if any and get it resolved at the same time. At the end of this module we are ready with 100% accurate.
  • App Launch and Promotion: After integrating with required analytical tools such as the Ad SDKs, the social network SDKs and the third Party SDKs, we launch the game on the Android App Store as well as other marketplaces. For better promotion of the game, we can create a website for that particular game and a social media page to ensure its huge fan following.

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