Reba to the Rescue- A Fun Learning Game App For Children!!

Reba to the Rescue is an Amazing App especially meant for kids and children. This is an animated game App that has the elements of jazz, friendship, fun and entertainment. In this game, Reba is the mascot who loves helping others and goes to help them in many different tasks. It could be homework or playing with those people, Reba does it for them. Reba also provides assistance and encouragement to all for the work. This game boosts the quality of helping others in the children.

This App has three features- shapes, colors and mathematics explained below:


This App is a multiple choice fun game. Many shapes and sizes are available in the questionnaire. The kids should click on the appropriate answer. Reba acknowledges the answers whether right or wrong and encourages the kids to learn more.


Similar to shapes, there are multiple choice questions in different colors as well for example- different colored fruits are used. It helps the children to recognize colour and so the fruits as well.


Simple addition and subtraction are used in this App and so the children learn maths with ease. This part of the Reba to the Rescue game makes the children sharp

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