EDSD- An interesting and funny game App

EDSD is a gaming App for your Smartphone- both Android and iOS which is really enjoyable. It can be played alone as well as with more than one player. It has funny quizzes to be solved, so it is great App for those who love solving puzzles. The puzzles in this game are on four different options- “Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, and Do It.” Any question asked can be answered with these four options. This game is very easy to play as well as interesting also. It engages you and helps increasing your concentrations as well as knowledge in general.

The regular questions for the puzzle that are asked in the game need to be answered in 10 seconds. But the difficult questions must be answered within 5 seconds as they help you score more. But you will surly enjoy your time with this App. The EDSD App has is available in iPhone and Android. It is compatible both the operating systems. So, whichever smartphone you may have, you can play this game.

We have designed this App for all the game lovers who love to increase their knowledge while playing. So, simply download it and have a great time with EDSD.

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